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Neville Engineering
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committed to providing our customers with exceptional service.

Neville Engineering Service was created over 10 years ago to help our clients’ dreams come to life with designs for energy efficiency, everyday use, and human comfort. We offer our commercial MEP design services in Chicago and surrounding areas, as well as Indianapolis and Nashville.
We’ve found that pre-planning and thoughtful design guarantees a successful project that stands the test of time. So our projects start with collaborative sessions that involve the entire design team and our clients. The reason we do this is so that all parties involved can voice their opinions or concerns and so that we’re all on the same page—in terms of project goals and more.
We use tried-and-tested techniques, systems, and equipment to make sure we can design and plan affordable and high-quality mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for our clients. After all, the more we help our clients to win, the more we all succeed together.

Neville Engineering
Neville Engineering

Our Goal

At Neville Engineering Service we collaborate with our clients to guarantee outstanding results. Before we start designing a system, we make sure to gain a thorough understanding of their needs regarding budget, sustainability, and comfort levels.

Neville Engineering

Engineering with Precision

At Neville Engineering, our team prioritize the best interests of all project stakeholders. Our team doesn’t overdesign systems or provide redundancies that negatively affect system performance and electrical efficiencies. Instead, we focus on providing our clients with practical and energy-efficient designs

Neville Engineering
Neville Engineering
Neville Engineering

Company Objectives

Neville Engineering is determined to provide the best of the best. Our company objectives are to:

  • Provide high quality engineering services for commercial buildings.

  • Design MEP systems that meet the project’s budget.

  • Utilize proven MEP systems and equipment to reduce construction costs while maintaining quality.

  • Understand the client’s needs and accordingly design systems.

  • Keep the project’s design on schedule.

Neville Engineering
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